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This is place to be if you are looking for a custom holder for your yo-yo! Simply choose from the options below and fill in the order form to start the process.

Each custom Paraglide Holder costs $14 USD + shipping. There are additional added-cost options as well that you can find below. Please note that PayPal is the only accepted payment method at this time.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel to use the general contact form to get in touch with us.


Standard Options

Paracord Colours

1) Blue
2) Blue, Red, and White
3) Black
4) Purple
5) Grey and Cream
6) Black and White


7) Green and Blue
8) Burnt Orange
9) Neon Orange
10) Neon Pink
11) Dark Pink
12) Light Pink


13) Dark Green
14) Yellow
15) White
16) Rainbow
17) Neon Green
18) Green and Black


Small Carabiners

Clockwise from top: Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Black

The small carabiners are 5cm in length and less bulky. Good for narrow pant belt loops. The Paraglide Holder shown at the top of the page has a small carabiner.


Large Carabiners

Clockwise from top: Red, Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue. Silver in the middle.

The large carabiners are 6.5 cm in length and more bulky. Good for wider belt loops or if you want your holder to feel a bit more substantial.


Standard Dice

Clockwise from top: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Round Stoppers

1) White
2) Translucent Pink
3) Translucent Blue
4) Translucent Red
5) Translucent Black


6) Translucent Purple
7) Translucent Orange
8) Translucent Green
9) Translucent White
10) Translucent Yellow


Grenade Stoppers

1) Light Blue
2) Black
3) Deep Red
4) Red
5) Yellow


6) Light Green
7) White
8) Pink
9) Purple
10) Peach (not shown)


Added-Cost Options

Pearlescent Dice

Clockwise from top: Black, Blue, Red, Green (add $1.oo USD).

Premium Carabiners

Left: Aluminum S-Carabiner (add $1.50 USD). Please note that these are better for narrow belt loops.

Right: Survival Carabiner with bottle opener (add $2.00 USD)...because, you know, you can't survive unless you can open a bottle of beer!

To order your custom Paraglide Holder, please fill out the information below and submit your request. You will get an email response normally within 24 hours to discuss your new holder (i.e. to discuss your option choices and discuss the next steps).


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